Social Responsibility

We know that we’re part of a bigger community and fully support the notion that a company must have a sense of responsibility towards its community and environment (both ecological and social). Aquasol therefore identifies and financially supports worthy causes in our community and environment.

  • Please follow our latest project/s on our NEWS link to learn more about the cause/s we support.
  • Suggestions about any worthy cause are always welcomed.

We can only contribute in accordance with our own financial and other constraints but will happily consider any request subject to the following:

  1. Requests and causes from within the communities that support Aquasol, will get preference.
  2. Registered charity organisations will get preference although it is not a prerequisite.
  3. The cause must be justifiable in terms of human/animal suffering and/or need. For example – we may decide to contribute to a fund for drought relieve or to a bursary for a needy child etc.
  4. We do not consider donations or contributions to events through social responsibility investment, but you can consult our sponsorships for more information regarding support for non-charity related, marketing or promotional events.

If you want to submit a worthy cause for consideration, please send us an e-mail explaining the cause and the motivation for your request.


  • Aquasol has a limited budget for sponsorships in return for marketing exposure and advertisements.
  • Typical events would be farmer’s days, study group meetings, agricultural shows and exhibitions.
  • Aquasol can only consider sponsorships in return for quantifiable exposure in target markets.
    If you want to request a sponsorship, please send us an e-mail explaining the motivation and the benefit for Aquasol in terms of market exposure and advertising potential of the event to Aquasol’s target market.

To apply for a sponsorship, please send us an email explaining the motivation and the benefits for Aquasol in terms of marketing exposure and advertising potential to Aquasol’s target market.

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Komplimente aan Aquasol vir uitmuntende terugvoer. Die produk is pragtig verpak en is maklik onderskeibaar as gevolg van die kleurkodes op die sakke. Baie dankie weer vir die uitstekende diens en kwaliteit produk wat julle gelewer het.

- C.C. (MP)

Aquasol se goeie diens beïndruk ons al hoe meer.

- L.A. (MP)

Dankie vir die profesionele diens en hoë standaard van kwaliteit en dienslewering.

- E.G. (FS)

Ons geniet dit om met Aquasol besigheid te doen. Julle naam is vir ons sinoniem met kwaliteit, ons weet wat ons kry by Aquasol.

- B.K. (NW)

Baie dankie vir julle flinke diens, word opreg waardeer.

- S.C. (WP)