Aquasol Nutri’s Boron product range

Boron is one of the most essential elements necessary for plants and is often overlooked when it comes to crop production. Crops that grow in boron deficient soil cannot reach their maximum yield, quantity and durability. Ensuring the sufficient boron is available in the soil before crop production or addressing remedial steps when boron deficiencies are observed can have a positive influence and improve crop yields.

Aquasol Nutri now has a complete Boron product range which can assist the producer in optimizing soil boron levels with our granular boron product as well as addressing observed boron deficiencies with our water soluble boron products.

Korrelboor 9.5 (Granular Boron)

As the popular saying states, prevention is better than cure. By ensuring that soil boron levels are sufficient, boron deficiencies for a particular crop can be limited to a minimum. For many years it has been common practice to add boron to the soil generally in the form of very soluble compounds. The practice of applying highly water soluble boron products to the soil has two possible disadvantages:

  1. Since Boron is a micro nutrient it is required in very small amounts for optimal plant growth and development, an excess or overabundance of boron can be toxic and detrimental to the plant’s development. If the product’s initial solubility is very high, relatively small amounts may cause toxicity to some plants, and
  2. Soluble Boron in sandy soils is leached out rapidly, and the greater portion of the added boron is lost by leaching.

Aquasol Korrelboor is a slow release, granular boron product. From application the boron is systematically released and made available in the soil for the plant’s consumption limiting the possibility of toxicity as well as the potential for leaching in sandy soils.

In order to ensure peace of mind and long term sustainability to the grower, a strong emphasis is placed on the quality of the product to make sure all heavy metals and potentially harmful elements for this product are within the acceptable limits, as determined by Law (Act 36 of 1947).

Aquasol Korrelboor is therefore ideally suited for both bulk granular blends as well as straight application.

Product name: Korrelboor 9.5

Speciation: Boron as B = 95 g/kg

Appearance: White/off-white and grey granules, 2-4 mm.

Registration details (Act 36 of 1947): B4703


Aquasol Bor-X is boric Acid available in both a powder and a micro-granular form. Aquasol Bor-X (in both forms) is a free-flowing and water soluble, ideally suited for dry, water soluble fertilizer blending or it can be used in straight applications to address boron deficiencies.

Product name: Bor-X

Specification: Boron as B = 170 g/kg

Appearance: Very fine white powder (Bor-X Powder) or very fine white granules (Bor-X granular)

Registration details (Act 36 of 1947): B4515


Aquasol Aqua-B is a concentrated and highly water soluble form of boron. Aqua-B is ideally suited for use in liquid fertilizers or as foliar feed to prevent or address boron deficiencies. It can be applied directly or as a mixture in low concentrations.

Product name: Aqua-B

Specifications: Boron as B = 210 g/kg

Appearance: Very fine white powder

Registration details (Act 36 of 1947): B4527