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Aquasol Nutri, is one of the largest and most reliable fertilizer suppliers in South Africa. We specialise in sourcing and trading of water-soluble fertilizers and related industrial chemicals through an independent national distribution network.

Aquasol Experience

With more than 21 years’ experience in the water-soluble fertilizer industry, we have established and grown our product range to cover the entire spectrum of plant nutritional elements. Our products can also be used in a variety of applications, ranging from fertigation and foliar feeds to conventional fertilizer applications.

Our slogan, “People, Products, and Performance” emphasizes the three pillars of our business.


Our exceptional quality is not limited to our products, it permeates every aspect of our business culture. 


Our dedicated team ensured that our customers become our long-term business partners.


With so many variables in our industry, our quality promise provides you with unwavering peace of mind.

Aquasol Nutri

Find out how our quality products can fulfil your needs.

Our History

Aquasol Nutri was established in 2001 as a privately owned company, specializing in water-soluble fertilizer products in the Southern African agricultural and related industries. With steady growth over the years, we have increased investment in our infrastructure and strategic alliances within the industry, to diversify Aquasol’s product offerings and distribution capabilities. This allows us to supply our quality products throughout South Africa.

Since our inception, we have placed a core emphasis on quality as well as personal and sustainable business relationships, with our customers and we will continue with this vision into the future.

National Infrastructure

Our offices are located in Potchefstroom and George; main distribution centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth; supported by independent distribution outlets and dealers across the country. 

International Infrastructure

An established import department that sources quality products globally; utilizing various established strategic alliances with some of the leading fertilizer companies in the world. 

Aquasol Nutri


To become the most informed, reliable, and trusted business leader in the specialized fertilizer and related industries.


As leading experts in the South African specialized fertilizer industry, we aim to partner with you to supply sound technical knowledge, competitively priced products, and impeccable service whilst maintaining sustainable and ethical business practices.

Our Values

Consumer Centric

Our customers are vital to our success, and we always strive to fulfil and exceed their expectations. Our service delivery, product quality and a positively unique business experience, will ensure this.

Business Ethics

We value ethical business practices and other ethical values such as integrity, honesty, commitment, and loyalty.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment is inclusive of the South African community. Our community consists of our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, environment, and the public.

Find out how our quality products can fulfil your needs.

Our Performance

At Aquasol we are serious about our performance, which means no compromise on quality products and service delivery. 


Our commitment to product quality is non negotiable and extends to all our business activities and interactions with our customers.


We strive for consistency, continuously providing our exceptional service, leading to performance you can count on.


Our committed workforce is always available and ready to serve our customers; this includes prompt and timely feedback to all our customers.


Our sales and support staff have the required knowledge, qualifications, and skills to perform in their duties.


Our commitment to product quality is non negotiable and extends to all our business activities and interactions with our customers.


Politeness, respect, consideration and friendliness can always be expected.


We pride ourselves in keeping our customers informed and up to date on the status of their orders as well as all business relationship queries.


Our track record speaks for itself when it comes to trustworthiness, credibility and honesty as well as having our customer’s best interests at heart.


Our “people” approach to business, involves making our customer’s needs our own and trying to understand how we can form a sustainable partnership that is mutually rewarding.

Social Responsibility

We know that we’re part of a bigger community and fully support the notion that a company must have a sense of responsibility towards its community and environment (both ecological and social). Aquasol therefore identifies and financially supports worthy causes in our community and environment. 

Suggestions about any worthy cause are always welcomed. We can only contribute in accordance with our own financial and other constraints but will happily consider any request subject to the following: 

  • Requests and causes from within the communities that support Aquasol, will get preference. 
  • Registered charity organisations will get preference although it is not a prerequisite.

The cause must be justifiable in terms of human/animal suffering and/or need. For example – we may decide to contribute to a fund for drought relief or to a bursary for a child in need, etc. For non-charity related marketing or promotional events, please refer to the sponsorships section below.

If you want to submit a worthy cause for consideration, please send us an email explaining the cause and the motivation for your request. 

Aquasol Nutri


Aquasol has a limited budget for sponsorships in return for marketing exposure and advertisements. 

Typical events would be farmer’s days, study group meetings, agricultural shows, and exhibitions. 

Aquasol can only consider sponsorships in return for quantifiable exposure in target markets. If you want to request a sponsorship, please send us an e-mail explaining the motivation and the benefit for Aquasol in terms of market exposure and advertising potential of the event to Aquasol’s target market. 

To apply for a sponsorship, please send us an email explaining the motivation and the benefits for Aquasol in terms of marketing exposure and advertising potential to Aquasol’s target market. 

Aquasol Nutri


Do you want to be part of the Aquasol Team?

As a dynamic and service driven company, Aquasol is always looking to expand our team. If you are a dynamic, self-sufficient and performance driven person who would like to become a committed member of our team, we would like to hear from you.  

For individuals or aspiring team members: Send a shortened 3-page CV along with a letter motivating your reason to join Aquasol and elaborate on the value you can add to the company to: careers@aquasolnutri.com 

For dealers or distributors: If you would like to become a dealer or distributor of Aquasol products, please complete our online dealer application here.