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Aquasol Nutri
Nitrix | Aquasol Nutri
Nitrix | Aquasol Nutri


White fertiliser blend consisting of prills, crystals and/or powder.

Other trade names: Water soluble fertilizer blend.


N = 226.8 g/kg; P = 37.5 g/kg; K = 37.5 g/kg; S = 100.9 g/kg;Fe = 356 mg/kg; Mn = 125 mg/kg; Cu = 12.5 mg/kg; Zn = 100 mg/kg; Mo = 12.5 mg/kg; B = 125 mg/kg



25kg woven bag with inner.



Store inside, away from rain and heat. The hygroscopic nature of most water soluble fertilizers require that extreme care should be taken to limit product exposure to moist and/or humid conditions. Pressure setting can also occur when these products are stored / stacked in multiple layers. Pressure setting and/or caking only influences the free flowing nature of the product, but does not bear any negative impact on the product’s specifications or performance.


Registration Details

Product is registered in terms with the Fertilizers, Farm feeds, Agricultural Remedies, and Stock Remedies Act (Act 36 of 1947), nr. K6768. Aquasol reserves the right to supply generic products of similar quality and specifications registered by third party suppliers.



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